Do You Have a Warranty Request?

Please follow these instructions for homes closed AFTER:

JULY 20, 2017

Southwind Homes requires all non-emergency warranty requests to be submitted online through our structural warranty provider, Centricity.

To file a 30 Day or 11 Month warranty request:

1.  Click on the Centricity link

2.  Go to products and services (at the top)

3.  Select Homeowners, scroll down and select Claims

4.  You may file an online claim or complete a paper form

You have been provided contact information for your Electrical, Plumbing and Heating/Air Conditioning contractors for EMERGENCY ONLY requests.

Please do not submit non-emergency warranty requests directly to these contractors.  All non-emergency/regular warranty requests are processed at

Centricity may also be reached at 800-749-0381 during regular business hours.

NOTE:   Centricity is formerly Bonded Builders Warranty Group.  You may continue to see language referencing Bonded Builders until the transition is fully complete.